Pilates Instructor

As a lover of all things athletic, it was only natural that she gravitated towards Pilates. While working at a desk job for years, she fell in love with how refreshing Pilates made her body feel. Subsequently, she was taught under renowned Master Teacher, Rael Isacowitz, the founder of BASI Pilates. With a fascination for how the mind, body, and spirit works in unison to move the human body, Jessica enjoys to find ways to integrate flow and harmony into each session.

Jessica brings her knowledge and insights of movement at Esteem Pilates studio which strives to provide its members quality instruction and well-being.

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  • Fitness Consultation
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  • Full Cardio
  • Conditioning
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Get Up!

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Esteem Pilates doesn’t just challenge bodies, it changes lives. With intelligent instructors, modern spaces, and basi systems, our members can focus on making meaningful body and mind connections they can apply to all aspects of their lives. Strong core, deep strength and body awareness. Be Unlimited.